For women only **

⚡️from femme to non-binary to butch is welcome⚡️
March 8th, former international women’s day, now international women’s fight night.

**If you are a: woman, a girl, a trans-woman, a intersex-woman, a non-binary femme, s lesb’, a dyke, a lady, a female starfish, a non-binary not so much femme, a non-binary boi, a babe, a butch, a soft butch or no butch at all, but a tomboy you are welcome. (no-cis men)

> 21:30 DOORS OPEN <

RRRiot Festival Pass = 5€ (OR MORE!!!)
All night = 10 € (OR MORE!!!)


!!!!!!! LINE UP !!!!!!!

21:30 Barbosa Soundsystem (BR/Vienna)
23:00 Dalia Ahmed
00:30 DJ Hauswein b2b DJ Angel
03:30 Grrr

05:00 find some one you like! ♥go homo (or not) ♥


> Aux Gazelles <
One of the very few venues owned and run by a woman!

> 21:30 DOORS OPEN <
Wif Rrriot Festival 2019 Pass = 5€ (OR MORE!!!)
All night = 10 € (OR MORE!!!)


*The staff at Aux Gazelles & our team, will be pleased to help you out if there is anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or happens without your consent. PLEASE FEEL EMPOWERED TO SPEAK UP!

Come early, come often, be nice.

If you have any input or feedback:

*NO GENDER Toilets as usual

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